Cleaning and anti-fogging spray


The cleaning and anti-fogging spray is suitable for all types of lenses: visors, masks, glasses.
Its small size, easy to slip into your pocket, will seduce you and will accompany you in all your movements!

Effective for up to 3 days!

  • France : free delivery for 2 or more sprays ordered
  • Europe : free delivery for every 3 sprays ordered
  • 15 ml

Our advice for use: simple gestures to adopt for an effective result! 

Firts, spray the product on each lens and spread it with your finger. Then, using a cloth or tissue (but not a paper towel), clean the lenses. Be careful not to wipe too vigorously so as to preserve the thin film that guarantees the anti-fog effect!

And finally, it's done. Easy, fast, efficient!

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Hazard Identification:
The product is not classified as dangerous according to the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) (and subsequent amendments and adjustments). In accordance with Article 31.3 of Regulation 1907/2006/EC, the product, containing a substance which presents risks to human health in concentrations above 1%, a safety data sheet is available on request.

Substances Quantity

Classification according to





CAS. 67-63-0

CE. 200-661-7

Reg. no. -

1% < C < 10% Flam liq 2, H225

Eye Irri. 2, H319

STOT SE 3, H336

2-metylpentane-2,4-diol Hexylene glycol

CAS. 107-41-5

EC. 203-489-0

Reg. no. -

< 1% Skin Irrit. 2, H315

Eye Irrit. 2, H319